Open Water Diving Course in Entre Mares Dive Center

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Open Water Diving Course

Activity Information Characteristics
Open Water Diving Course
The experience includes: You are given a material for personal study and find all the theoretical part. Videos are provided to reinforce your personal study. It also includes all the equipment, snacks, photos, videos, 1 in confined waters and 4 open water dives to perform all the exercises. And at the end of an international certification. You need 3 days minimum and 4 days maximum to complete the open water diver course. It is a fun, exclusive and personalized experience.

Operation development:

  • The operation begins at 08:30 or flexible schedule (all with reservations).
  • It starts with theoretical parts and some exams.
  • People are then taught all parts of the team, how to assemble and disassemble the equipment and communication signals underwater as part of the learning process.
  • Follow us after finishing the theoretical part, go to the confined waters, check the equipment and perform all the exercises where you will learn the self rescue.
  • An adaptive dive is done at a maximum of 10 / 12m for 45/50 minutes. In the second dive, all exercises are done in open water 10 / 12m underwater. After the whole process, a final exam is performed to evaluate everything the person has learned.
  • Once the entire process of each dive is completed, each dive is recorded in a logbook to each person.
  • Choose your travel dates to review rates.
  • Direct bookings without hidden charges or intermediaries.

Photos - Open Water Diving Course

Open Water Diving Course

The experience includes:

Diving in Providencia


The operation begins at 08:30 or flexible schedule (all with reservations).

People are given all the equipment according to their size. Then all the equipment is mounted to the boat. Before leaving, they are given a first briefing of what we are going to do, how we are going to do, what we are going to see, how is the site, the signs that we will use and recommendations.

Then we moved by boat to the dive site. We give you a second briefing from the previous one. We help them equip and enter the water. And then the diving begins. Helping people in the descent and throughout the dive and before the end of the dive a safety stop is made for 3 minutes at 15 ft / 5m.

Once the dive is finished, it helps you to untangle people in a controlled manner and ride the boat. Where they will receive a snack. Then we move to the second dive site where we will change tanks, we will give you a new briefing of how the site is, what we are going to see and recommendations. Again equip us, go to the water and do the second dive.

Then, at the end of the dive, you will help to undo and pile up the boat where you will receive another snack, while we move back to the beach where the entire operation ends.



  • Be in good health and physically
  • Be well fed and hydrated
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages before diving
  • Do not use recreational drugs before diving
  • Have a minimum of 10 years to dive
  • Have travel insurance




  • Need to show your certification
  • You need to sign a disclaimer (provided by the dive center)
  • Follow the recommendations of the instructors
  • Do not touch any cholera or encourage it
  • Do not litter
  • Take care of the equipment

¡Enjoy the maximum!